Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail 

The Pacific Crest Trail Commonly Known as the PCT spans roughly 2650 miles Traversing Wilderness areas covering Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. A small amount of people choose to hike the entire PCT from end to end each year, this is called a Thru-Hike. This Thru-hike will span over 100 marathons, six million steps and four and a half to five months. This magnificent trail traverses through some of North Americas most treasured landscapes, Including: The Mojave Desert, The Sierra Nevada’s, The Oregon and Washington Cascades, proving the greatest elevation changes of any of Americas National Scenic Trails. Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is not only a Physical challenge but a challenge of your mental stability, yet will never cease to invigorate, regenerate, and astound you.
                There are eleven National Scenic Trails in the United States boasting 18,734 miles of scenic trails, the big three trails known as “The Triple Crown” are The Appalachian Trail spanning 2,170 miles of Americas east coast, the Pacific Crest Trail winding 2,650 miles of North Americas west coast, and The Continental Divide trail covering 3100    miles from New Mexico through Montana. Individuals that complete all three of these trails are considered “Triple-Crowners”.  Fewer than 200 people have completed the Triple Crown. 
The breathtaking panoramic views along the pacific crest trail cannot be rivaled, it is very unfortunate that most people will never be able to see the natural beauty we have right here at home. Admittedly a thru-hike is not the only way to see these views. Many areas of the PCT are accessible through trail heads along the trail, but the people and experiences on this trek is what makes this lifestyle so addicting, no day is predictable, even though you are walking every single day you can never expect what you will see, what you will do, or who you will meet on a daily basis. During the summer of 2012 I hiked a 500 mile section of the PCT; I met people whom I will never forget. There is something about the trail that makes two random strangers, best friend almost immediately. The fact that all of you are making an incredible journey and most are going through a period of change in their life, enables you to relate to one another like no other way or place I have ever encountered. During my 2012 PCT hike I was given what is called a “Trail Name”: a nickname given to a hiker based on something about that hiker. I was dubbed the trail name “Ragin’ Cajun”, given to me because I am from south Louisiana.

Mount Whitney 14'505 feet



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