Friday, May 3, 2013

200 miles!!!

200 miles!!! I am now where I started my section hike last year!! I am at trail angels ziggy and the Bear they are an elderly couple who live in Whitewater CA and graciously host hikers at there home offering foot baths, showers, food and more, a true oasis in the desert, I desended 7000 feet from the san jacinto moutains d down fuller ridge reachingb an intersection of the PCT and Interstate 10. I took a week off for the anual day zero PCT kickoff party it was amazing seeing hikers from last year and meeting this years hikers, I actyually made it into to class of 2012 video. anyway sorry for being so brief but its time for me to start hiking again.. till next time, hike on

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warner Springs [Mile 110]

Ragin' Cajun called from Warner Springs (110 miles in) yesterday. He arrived at the trail angel's Friday evening, says he ate a lot! Thank God for trail angels. As I understand it, they are able to trade manual labor for food if they can not make a donation. 

Cajun says, physically, he his doing good. Has minor blister or two and feet started to hurt on the way in yesterday but nothing serious. He did say something about needing to get new socks. I'm guessing care of feet is a super high priority when making a hike like this.  

He is now on his way to the next resupply stop. Next leg is about a 4-5 day hike to Idyllwilde. From there he will hitch back to the beginning at Campos to help with the Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off  party. Over 709 people are registered to attend the event, 265 registered thru-hikers who, like Ragin' Cajun, hope to make it all the way to Canada before the Winter gets too brutal. 

After kickoff he will return to the trail at Idyllwilde and press on. 

In the mean time, we are dehydrating veggies and vacuum sealing foods to be sent to Jeremy who is coordinating restock boxes. 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Gone with the Wind

This is not Ragin Cajun. Just a photo I snagged from the
web as an example of the importance of "Tyvek." to hikers.
In an earlier post, Bayou bandit (Jeremy,) mentioned that Ragin' Cajun had lost his "Tyvek." It blew away in the wind. Dupont "Tyvek" (house wrap) is a lightweight barrier the hikers use like you might use a tarp but a tarp is much to heavy and cumbersome for such a hike. This is his ground cover, his shelter, his bivy...lots of things and it is a necessity. 

I went to Lowes yesterday to see if I could find some and a 100ft roll was about $63. I'd like to see if I can find a contractor who can spare an 8ft piece. He will eventually use 100ft but I can't send it all to him at once anyway. If anyone can get their hands on some, please comment below or leave a message on the guest book. 

To all the hikers following this blog: I found the Lowes brand house wrap for almost 1/3 the price but it looks different. Can anyone tell me if it would work? 

Thanks to everyone who is following Ragin' Cajun's adventure. As a mom, it is an added comfort knowing you all are keeping up with him, even if you are half-way around the world. 

From Gonzales, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge)
(AKA: Mother) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check-in at Julian

Special Photo added by mom
to commemorate the
cactus encounter :)  
Hey everyone I'm sitting at the Library in Julian, Ca right now, taking a day off in town!! I made what was supposed to be a 20 mile day into a 30 mile day because I felt great, and when you feel good you take advantage of it. I then turned that 30 miles into something like 34 after getting a little lost but nonetheless I made it to Scissors Crossing last night and hitched into Julian this morning!! Some plans where changed last minute and I will not be getting resupplied in Warner Springs but here in Julian. When I leave here I will check the post office for the package, it may not be here today, we can only hope for tomorrow! I have been taking plenty of pictures and hiking with some great people!! Some of which are Storytime, Stumbling Beef, Angelo, Tyler, Owen, Greg, and Sarge these have been some great people and they should be wandering into Julian today!! The body feels great, although I did get stabbed by a cactus in the Achilles and that is bothersome but it will fade when I begin to hike. There's so much to tell and not enough time!! Thanks for the overwhelming support from everyone you have all been great!!
Until next time,
Ragin Cajun

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update #1 Mt Laguna

Hello Everyone,

I spoke with Joseph mid day yesterday. He had just made it to Mt Laguna, Ca despite some rain and high winds. We check the weather forecast and it called for snow today. This could be a problem because Ragin' Cajun (Joe) does not carry a tent at this time and his tyvek (tiny tarp) blew away in the wind. We had not planned to get him a hotel in Mt. Laguna and were hesitant to get a hotel right away. To our relief the weather models changed toward the end of the day making the temperature estimate 11 degrees higher. He also was told that there was a cot waiting for him several miles up trail in a trailer set up for hikers. So reassured of his safety, he set out in the late, rainy, and windy afternoon for his cot in the mountains above Mt. Laguna, Ca. Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Trails,

Jeremy Phillips
(Bayou Bandit)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last night in town!!

Tonight is my last night in town, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. Surrounded by Great friends and Great food. I didnt think it was possible but I am twice as nervous today as I was yesterday. My brain wont stop running, but I've been trying to keep a calm mind. Who thought that something so serene and filled with joy would bring so much anxiety, although if I wasn't nervous wouldn't something be wrong?
 I  have been downloading music like crazy the past couple of days to fill my Ipod. I have everything from audio books by John Grisham to Lil Boosie to Fats Domino, I tried to get as vast a variety of music as possible because I feel like music is what is going to keep me moving on those long hard days on the PCT.
The pack is pretty much packed and ready to go with the exception of some food and batteries, the weight feels good now I'm guessing my base weight is somewhere 15-20 pounds and fully loaded with food and water somewhere around 30 pound. I have decided not to actually weigh my pack because I know my gear is definitely not ultralight and ignorance is bliss, right?
This will be my last Journal entry for around a week when I will upload my daily journal. My blog will continue to be updated with my progress by friends and family. Thank you everyone that has made this happen! This will surely be the trip of a lifetime!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


General Overview of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Only 3 More days!!

Only 3 days until I begin to hike the Pacific Crest Trail!! I am beyond anxious all I can think about is sleeping under the stars unscathed by city lights among some of the most amazing landscapes the west has to offer! I need to also recognize that without the help from great friends and family this dream would have never became a reality, Thank you!!I also just got my Journal and running where I will be posting more pictures and such! here it is:/

Due to unfortunate changes in plans I appears I may be heading down to the border Solo this Friday but of course Ill make the best of it!! Friday I will head down with my brother (Jeremy) my roommate (Rick) and my friend (Priya) where they are taking a sailing class, from there I will begin to make my way down to San Diego via train, and by bus down to Campo CA, and the southern terminus of the PCT. My first resupply will be around mile 111 in Warner Springs CA, which used to be the home of a hot spring resort that was closed in the recent years. The community of Warner Springs has Graciously come together to make the community center "hiker friendly" by offering showers and a small store with hiking oriented foods. .

Southern Terminus of the PCT