Sunday, April 21, 2013

Warner Springs [Mile 110]

Ragin' Cajun called from Warner Springs (110 miles in) yesterday. He arrived at the trail angel's Friday evening, says he ate a lot! Thank God for trail angels. As I understand it, they are able to trade manual labor for food if they can not make a donation. 

Cajun says, physically, he his doing good. Has minor blister or two and feet started to hurt on the way in yesterday but nothing serious. He did say something about needing to get new socks. I'm guessing care of feet is a super high priority when making a hike like this.  

He is now on his way to the next resupply stop. Next leg is about a 4-5 day hike to Idyllwilde. From there he will hitch back to the beginning at Campos to help with the Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off  party. Over 709 people are registered to attend the event, 265 registered thru-hikers who, like Ragin' Cajun, hope to make it all the way to Canada before the Winter gets too brutal. 

After kickoff he will return to the trail at Idyllwilde and press on. 

In the mean time, we are dehydrating veggies and vacuum sealing foods to be sent to Jeremy who is coordinating restock boxes. 

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