Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check-in at Julian

Special Photo added by mom
to commemorate the
cactus encounter :)  
Hey everyone I'm sitting at the Library in Julian, Ca right now, taking a day off in town!! I made what was supposed to be a 20 mile day into a 30 mile day because I felt great, and when you feel good you take advantage of it. I then turned that 30 miles into something like 34 after getting a little lost but nonetheless I made it to Scissors Crossing last night and hitched into Julian this morning!! Some plans where changed last minute and I will not be getting resupplied in Warner Springs but here in Julian. When I leave here I will check the post office for the package, it may not be here today, we can only hope for tomorrow! I have been taking plenty of pictures and hiking with some great people!! Some of which are Storytime, Stumbling Beef, Angelo, Tyler, Owen, Greg, and Sarge these have been some great people and they should be wandering into Julian today!! The body feels great, although I did get stabbed by a cactus in the Achilles and that is bothersome but it will fade when I begin to hike. There's so much to tell and not enough time!! Thanks for the overwhelming support from everyone you have all been great!!
Until next time,
Ragin Cajun

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