Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update #1 Mt Laguna

Hello Everyone,

I spoke with Joseph mid day yesterday. He had just made it to Mt Laguna, Ca despite some rain and high winds. We check the weather forecast and it called for snow today. This could be a problem because Ragin' Cajun (Joe) does not carry a tent at this time and his tyvek (tiny tarp) blew away in the wind. We had not planned to get him a hotel in Mt. Laguna and were hesitant to get a hotel right away. To our relief the weather models changed toward the end of the day making the temperature estimate 11 degrees higher. He also was told that there was a cot waiting for him several miles up trail in a trailer set up for hikers. So reassured of his safety, he set out in the late, rainy, and windy afternoon for his cot in the mountains above Mt. Laguna, Ca. Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Trails,

Jeremy Phillips
(Bayou Bandit)


  1. Bahahahah can't say I'm not surprised. Three stooges from the Bayou

  2. I received a call from Joseph when he arrived at the shelter. There was someone there with a cell phone and they let him use it. He is doing well.

    I am glad Jeremy (and I am sure Priya too) are watching the weather. We need to try to get him a ultra-lite tent before he gets too far along. Click the Donate button and send a couple dollars his way.