Friday, April 19, 2013

Gone with the Wind

This is not Ragin Cajun. Just a photo I snagged from the
web as an example of the importance of "Tyvek." to hikers.
In an earlier post, Bayou bandit (Jeremy,) mentioned that Ragin' Cajun had lost his "Tyvek." It blew away in the wind. Dupont "Tyvek" (house wrap) is a lightweight barrier the hikers use like you might use a tarp but a tarp is much to heavy and cumbersome for such a hike. This is his ground cover, his shelter, his bivy...lots of things and it is a necessity. 

I went to Lowes yesterday to see if I could find some and a 100ft roll was about $63. I'd like to see if I can find a contractor who can spare an 8ft piece. He will eventually use 100ft but I can't send it all to him at once anyway. If anyone can get their hands on some, please comment below or leave a message on the guest book. 

To all the hikers following this blog: I found the Lowes brand house wrap for almost 1/3 the price but it looks different. Can anyone tell me if it would work? 

Thanks to everyone who is following Ragin' Cajun's adventure. As a mom, it is an added comfort knowing you all are keeping up with him, even if you are half-way around the world. 

From Gonzales, Louisiana (near Baton Rouge)
(AKA: Mother) 

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