Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last night in town!!

Tonight is my last night in town, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. Surrounded by Great friends and Great food. I didnt think it was possible but I am twice as nervous today as I was yesterday. My brain wont stop running, but I've been trying to keep a calm mind. Who thought that something so serene and filled with joy would bring so much anxiety, although if I wasn't nervous wouldn't something be wrong?
 I  have been downloading music like crazy the past couple of days to fill my Ipod. I have everything from audio books by John Grisham to Lil Boosie to Fats Domino, I tried to get as vast a variety of music as possible because I feel like music is what is going to keep me moving on those long hard days on the PCT.
The pack is pretty much packed and ready to go with the exception of some food and batteries, the weight feels good now I'm guessing my base weight is somewhere 15-20 pounds and fully loaded with food and water somewhere around 30 pound. I have decided not to actually weigh my pack because I know my gear is definitely not ultralight and ignorance is bliss, right?
This will be my last Journal entry for around a week when I will upload my daily journal. My blog will continue to be updated with my progress by friends and family. Thank you everyone that has made this happen! This will surely be the trip of a lifetime!


  1. WOO HOO.... Congrats on starting your journey... We are a hiker friendly dental office sitting across the street from the post office in Chester, Ca aka your 1/2 point of the PCT...We hope you will make your way into town and visit us...We will have some trail magic waiting for you....May your journey be amazing, and we look forward to meeting you...
    hikerfriendlytoothfairies :-)